Japanese Resto

Hello guys, finally i can posting something new in my blog,  after hibernate for a long long time. I don’t know, i feel lazy to write something in my blog, but now, i try to write(again), because i had a lot of picture to share. heheh

oke,, two days ago, i am was on Japanese resto. The name of resto is SUGOI TEI. When you live in malang, maybe you know where is it. Hmm.. you can check using Google map where is the locations.  ..

well, i wanna try to tell you anything i was got there. first of all, i want to share about price,, for me,, its really expensive. The rank of price is about 25.000 —350.000. yeah, for example, i was ordered Sushi, the price is a 48.000 (6 pieces).. and 35.000 for hot ramen, lets check our pictures 😛



oke,, well do you think that the taste is delicious? hmm for my deep opinions, i think, the taste are standard. When you ever eat Japanese Food from original country( i mean real japan) or Neighbor japan, you can compare, which is the better one. With the Cheaper price of course. You can got 2 pieces Sushi, 100 yen, (10.000) with the delicious one. I don’t know why almost Fusion from outer country have a expensive one, but the ingredient they were used is from local. hm,,,, never mind…

How about the place? hm,, its a won.. place is very comport, with Japanese style, and good corner for some pictures. they used  zaisu for dinning room.


finally,, i love any kinds of foods and beverage. i love Japanese food, also Taiwanese food too. I have go to SABOTEN Japanese Resto, but I never do some report for it. Maybe some times, when i get a pictures and can share with you all…. thank you so much for your time, to read my blog post..



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