Rainbow Cakes

Although, it’s not my first rainbow cake.. but this cakes are the first bigger and delicious. Saturday Night,, not like girls usual, we don’t have many activities, so we finding rainbow cakes in Malang. We Came to the cakes store in Bondowoso Street. The name of store is Idut’s Cake. We bought two cakes immediately; because we have so many personnel will eat this cake’s. We choose blueberry and cheese topping. And i think, cheese is better taste than blueberry.


looks delicious right?

and finally i will give my opinion about this cakes

#taste= 8 : i felt this cakes made by steam, not baked, so the texture is so humid. But it’s okey, we still can enjoy it.. YATTA..

#appearance= 7: for chess topping its okey, because it will be easy to dry, but for blubbery topping, we have little trouble, the topping was made cannot be dry fast. Maybe it’s depend on temperature. when we bought this cakes, the owner just finished her cakes, and the topping not yet spreading. so we should waiting for several minutes until her finished decorating the cakes by topping. She don’t have time to made the cakes topping frozen/dry. No freezer time.

#price= so so.. yeah for i cake we should had 27.500 rupiahs, with diameter about 10 or less. (maybe) I’m forget the size…

well.. have a nice weekend, and eat more for your health.. ehehe

C U.

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