“This is first…

“This is first time i posting in English. i know my English is so poor. so if you read, and get something wrong, please tell me,, i will accept with pleasure”

finally i had finishing all of questions. he gave me three questions. before he start the interviews, i felt worried about the question, I’m worried that he will gave me something dificults, like matemathical physics, or something about real physics. haha.. althought i was finished my degree in physics, i don’t know why i feel worries if some one ask about the real physics, especially teoritical physics. and luckily i can pass all of my worries. He just gave me three questions, two is basic questions, about my research i want to do, and the last one, is about my dream, and what i want to do after graduated.. really really love the third question. why? because i can share my big dream with a right person, to willing my dreams, I hope.


Now, I just waiting for the result.. Hope everything gonna be a good result, from all subject.

“Keep your dream, when you want to be something for people”

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