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Korean trip: Gamcheon Culture village

Hello fellas… Long time no see..
Yes after post about giving birth, i felt didn’t have feeling to write somethings new in my blog. But actually i have a lot of things to share with you. 

After two weeks giving birt, i had business trip to Korea for 4th days. You can imagine how i feel when in two weeks old, i should leave my baby. It’s hard but there is no choice to choose. 

And i think all of you know, if we had a business trip,  sightseeing is one of must think to do. I read some of tourists information about Korea, especially Busan. And I choose to travel to gamcheon culture vilage and some of temple. I am not sure about the name. But i will update in other subject, just wait for a time.

Busan is convenient for traveling. Cheap hotel,delicious food( seafood especially) and easy to reach your destination by train. I bought 7 days ticket in metro line, or 30 times ride by metro with maximum 1 time transfer(every one ride). For more detaile please goto metro busan website. 

Although i never know about Busan, never know about traveling around there, but Busan travel map is sooo helped. I never forgot to bring that paper everywhere. No need tourist guide, just guide your self to read some information included in travel map. Try to reach  every station(small and big) by read some clue in travel map. And yesss i never getting lost. That so helpful for me. 

But before I doing my travels, firstly i will make sure where i want to go, and after i pick up my destination, i will learn by what i can go, and write everything what the possibility to go there. I cant open my online map everywhere. My internet connection only connected in hotspot area. Busan is not like japan, we cannot easy to found some hotspot in public area Even in trainstation( not all).

Gamcheon is looks like a “cartoon” home. With beautiful color, and also beutiful shape. Rich color of houses made your eyes feel so blesed. 

Relaxing with fresh air and green hills and blue sky…  Gamcheon culture vilage is one of unique village.  
  I am not sure about the story of this village, but from indormation at a glance of wikipedia Gamcheon village and  Gamcheon korea didnt give a true stories behined colorfull village with a lot of alleys. 
Let me know if you have some information bout it.

Happy travelling…
To be continued in next destination. 

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