Xi’an Special Food

Hello guys

Long time I didn’t write something on my blog. Too lazy to update my personal blog. But now I forced myself to write something when I was waiting for departure time from Xi’an to Haneda.
Yes, now I am in Xi’an China. First time for me arrived in China, as a communist country. Don’t worry. Everything is going well. My friend treated me so well. My campus also treated me so well when I have stayed in Xian for a week. Saying Alhamdulillah can felt 5th-star hotel… I am not used public transportation because my friend brings me with her car, so I can’t feel the real Xi a very well. Buts its okay, I have come not for vaccation, i am coming for a conference. But beside of that I can little cheat to go around, and visited some famous places in Xi an.

Well.. In this time I won’t talk about what I had visited. But firstly I will introduce about traditional and very special food from Xi’an.

This is the one of historical food in Xi’an. The name of this food is niuroupaomo. Firstly they give us pita bread, and we have to cut into a small size with our hand. It takes a long time, around 20-30 minutes. But in the long time ago, this dishes has a story… Next time I will check it for all of you.

And after wi finished your pita bread into small pieces. They will take your pita bread and cooked with lamb/beef soup with clear noodle(rice noodle).

This dishes will be served with onion and leaf.

We can add some vinegar and chili.

How about the price…????

I just pay 65 yuan for noodle, orange jus, and dumpling.
And make my day full.

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